Do's, Don'ts and Maybe's, before and after a Massage

-Is quite alright to request more time on a specific part of the body and totally exclude another.

(Like more work on my back and skip my feet).

-Nice but not required; "I showered for you or I shaved my legs for you" are 2 of my favorite lines to hear, that's always flattering but not a deal breaker for most therapists.

-Don't drink a lot of water BEFORE a massage because your session might need to be interrupted for a bathroom break.

-Do drink plenty of water AFTER a massage to help with toxin removal.

-I personally plan my workouts before a massage and like to just relax afterwards and do no physical activity.

-Bring something to pick up your hair with or put it up in a high ponytail or bun.

-Do reschedule a massage if you are feeling under the weather or are sick.

-Do reschedule a massage if you are on antibiotics due to an infection.

-Do mention if you have a sunburn or any other skin related issues prior to your session.

-Do take deep breaths while getting massaged instead of holding your breath because of a tender spot.

-Do let therapist know if the discomfort is too much to bear so the pressure can be adjusted.

-Don' forget to thank your therapist by scheduling your next appointment!

-Do remember to recommend your therapist to family and friends!

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